Title: Uncovering Hidden Inequity
Hosts: Dr. Jeanette Chien & Ken Spero
When: Thursday, July 16th at 2 PM EST


Invite your staff and colleagues to this free session hosted by Dr. Jeanette Chien (SDCODE) and Ken Spero of SchoolSims (formerly Ed Leadership Sims).

In the simulation entitled Uncovering Hidden Inequity, you are a principal supervisor and your goal is to ensure equitable learning opportunities for students of color, while also attending to your own and others’ biases while framing your message about equity. In essence: building policies and structures to serve equity, while acknowledging both material differences and political interests.

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About SchoolSims

Simulations are a series of linked scenarios, in a choose-your-own-adventure format, that capture the challenges of school-based leadership problems of practice that sitting and aspiring leaders can experience in a safe manner so they can fail forward.

The Simulations offer a collaborative opportunity for leaders to:

  • Exercise judgment and improve decision making
  • Experience consequences and build resilience
  • Get feedback for reflection and learning
  • Engage in peer-to-peer discussion

Simulations help to increase leadership capacity, reduce isolation and improve student achievement in their buildings.