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Date: September 17th 2 PM EST

The Pandemic has had a major impact on our schools, and created an environment filled with challenges. In this simulation you will face, prioritize and deal with a variety of issues and challenges associated with transitioning to and working in a virtual environment. You will deal with trade-offs between academic rigor and engagement, as well as maintaining structures and systems while building and sustaining relationships, all while managing the satisfaction of a large number of stakeholders with very diverse needs.

If you would like to see a similar session in action, please enjoy the below video snippet.

Learn how simulations can manufacture experience for current and aspiring school leaders

Experience a challenging and relatable simulation

Use small group breakouts to discuss key decision points


Manufacture Experience with SchoolSims?

Simulations are a series of linked scenarios, in a choose-your-own-adventure format, that capture the challenges of school-based leadership problems of practice that sitting and aspiring leaders can experience in a safe manner so they can fail forward.

Simulations allow you to manufacture experience and essentially accelerate time to leadership growth by providing opportunities to fail in a safe space.

The Simulations offer a collaborative opportunity for leaders to:

  • Exercise judgment and improve decision making
  • Experience consequences and build resilience
  • Get feedback for reflection and learning
  • Engage in peer-to-peer discussion

Simulations help to increase leadership capacity, reduce isolation and improve student achievement in their buildings.